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Layaway Terms and Conditions

Non-refundable down payment: 25%
Balance due within 90 days of down payment.
You may pay all at once or partial payments throughout the 90 days.
Items will ship upon completion of final payment.

When you check out, please enter "LAYAWAY" into the coupon code area.  If your total order is originally over $100, choose local pickup so that you are not charged shipping.  If under $100, choose the method in which you would like your order to ship. For subsequent payments, just click here or on the "Layaway Payments" item at the bottom of the homepage.  You can then put in the quantity to correspond with how much you'd like to pay.  For example, for $12.59, you would enter 12 of the $1 option and 59 of the $.01 option.  Minimum layaway payment is $10.  Please let us know if you need further assistance.   
If you change your mind along the way, we will refund to you any payments above the 25% down payment.  If payments are not received within 14 days of the date due, we will assume you have changed your mind and will be refunding any payments above the above the 25% down payment.

Layaway items are NON REFUNDABLE and are not eligible for future promotions.