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Competitor Gift Card Redemption

We are excited to announce that we we will now be offering gift card redemption for other stores!  When you redeem any of the cards listed below, you'll get the corresponding amount in Young Vogue store credit! 

100% Credit 90% Credit 80% Credit
Amazon Walgreens Babies R Us
Target CVS Buy Buy Baby
Walmart Publix Whole Foods
Sam's Club Local Gas Stations Fresh Market

Local Restaurants


Contact us to ask about redemption options on other cards.

Only gift cards with website or phone number where balance can be determined will be accepted.  Cards will need to be mailed to us.  Once in hand and value verified, we will issue store credit.  Store credit is good for 30 days from date of issue. 

If you are interested in redeeming a gift card from another store, please email us at to request "other store gift card redemption instructions" (you can just copy and paste that right into the email, if you'd like) and we will send you the information request form.