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Buckle Away 3-Piece System

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The Buckle Away team strives to make the buckling routine faster and less stressful for parents and children.  This promotes a higher frequency of fully buckled children for all situations.

No digging for straps or buckles!

The Buckle Away system is the first to pull all buckles out of the way to make boarding and buckling a breeze.

Tired of twisted straps?

The system pulls the straps to keep them from twisting and tangling so the child is properly buckled when in a rush.

Hot buckle burns?

During hot days buckles can absorb a lot of heat and burn when the child sits on them.  Pull them out of the way with the Buckle Away.

Ever pinch your child's leg when buckling?

The soft animals act as a barrier between the child's legs and buckle.  Happier kids makes for a happier ride.