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GroVia Newborn AIO

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The GroVia Newborn All In One is designed to fit newborns 5-12+ lbs. and does adjust from a smaller size to a larger size using simple ‘rise’ snaps at the front of the diaper.

To diaper with a GroVia Newborn All in One, simply snap the diaper onto your infant. When it’s time to change, unsnap and toss into a dry diaper pail until it is time to wash. It’s one piece to wear, one piece to wash, and one piece to dry. Parents appreciate how quiet the Newborn All in One’s snapping closure is when it’s time to change a sleepy baby!

The absorbency comes from layers of an absorbent hemp/cotton blend topped with cozy, soft microfleece. Designed specifically to meet the needs of newborn babies, it is as easy to use as any disposable diaper and features a super-trim fit, stretchy leg gussets, and a sewn-in soaker pad. The microfleece pushes moisture through to the absorbent core so that your little one stays dry.

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