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JuJuBe- XY Collection

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XY Collection – XY Genetics. Ju-Ju-Be DNA.

Rugged, but finely tailored.  Full featured yet deceptively simple in design.  The XY Collection boldly embodies the male paradox.  Hybrid functions perform dual duty during and after baby.  Classic fabrics with advanced coatings protect and perform. Infused with the DNA at the root of Ju-Ju-Be’s success, every XY bag carries not only a lifetime warranty, but hyper organizational traits and amazing baby bag characteristics that come standard with every Ju-Ju-Be.  



Base camp, home base or rebel base.  No matter what you do, or where you go, this bag will be your mobile base of operations. With an internal insulated bottle pocket, an ultralight changing pad and a unique zipper opening, you'll have quick access to everything you need for a quick change or a quick trip.  Ergonomic shoulder harnesses with premium padding and all metal hardware make your Base pack anything but basic.  



A bag that freakishly knows what you need...even before you do. With ample pockets and easy access, you’ll have every item at your disposal.  An upgraded changing mat and extra tall bottle pockets give you the advantage during critical daddy moments. Add a cooling back panel with wicking tricot fabric to

minimize the back sweats, and you've got the ultimate dad pack.  The only thing it doesn’t do is give directions. 



Hatched from the quest for functional fashion, this unique top loader design comes with additional deep zipper access and sports a top pocket that holds everything needed for a quick change.  Urban or trail ready, the ergonomic shoulder harness delivers long haul comfort, sporting premium padding and a sternum strap.  Ultra organized inside and out, you'll find plenty of places to stash dad essentials.  Zippered water bottle pockets and proprietary fast-closing magnetic latches are perfect for when you need to batten down the hatch.


Did you know???  The XY collection is geared towards being more dad friendly...BUT, it also makes a perfect bag for moms that want a more neutral style!  And we are in LOVE with the Hatch in Grey Matter!

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