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Lil' Jammerz

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Are you looking for the perfect, yet affordable, Baby Shower gift?  Lil' Jammerz™ interactive, musical friends are here. Lil’ Jammerz™ will fit perfectly on your infant's car seat, stroller or carrier to entertain and engage them with streaming tunes of your choice.  The leader of the band, Mazzy, is a plush, lovable microphone, with its own removable, rechargeable, Bluetooth™ speaker.  Her back up band, JoJo on percussion (squeaker) and Joon Bug playing guitar (rattle) are always by her side.  Encourage your baby's natural fascination with music to stimulate development, boost language skills and strengthen the relationship between you and your child.  Lil' Jammerz™ plays music and soothing sounds, from your own music library, internet radio, or through a pre-programmed playlist available through the free Lil' Jammerz™ app.  These adorable car seat accessories are just what baby (or mom) need!


Product Information:

  • Set of 3 fun friends, each with their own function (speaker chamber, squeaker, rattle)
  • Soft plush materials
  • Stimulating shapes and colors
  • Rechargeable Bluetooth speaker
  • FREE music on the Lil’ Jammerz™ app ( classical, soothing nature, lullabies & fun sing-along tunes)
  • USB charging cable

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