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Sarah's Stitches Wetbags

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What is a wetbag?
~Wetbags are the busy mother's solution to easy cloth diaper storage. They are lined with high quality, American made, 2mil PUL (polyurethane laminate) for durability and lasting use. It is water resistant and will hold in the smells that are associated with dirty diapers. Wetbags are not just useful for dirty diapers. They can also be used for make up bags, swim suits, beach towels, gym clothes and much more!

How do I care for my wetbag?
~Pull the lining out of the main pocket of the bag and wash normally in machine. Dry in dryer on medium or low heat. Bags can also be line dried but should be put in the dryer at least once a month to re-seal the PUL.

What are the limitations of my wetbag?
~Wetbags are not water proof. If you pour water straight into the bag it will leak. These are not ziplock bags. Instead they work with the diapers to keep the wet in. The diaper holds the pee and the small amounts that will leak out of the diaper. If you would like to soak your diapers, please use a wet pail (a bucket filled with water) and not a wetbag for dirty diaper storage. Also if something sharp, like scissors, are placed in the wetbag the PUL can be damaged. Please only use rounded edged items and clothing/fabric in the wetbags. However, my wetbags are excellent at holding in mess and smell and I stand behind them.

What are the specifics of my wetbag?
All wetbags are made with a cotton outer print and PUL. They all are closed with a zipper. This bag includes a handle. Large bags are 16" x 20" and can hold 12+ one-size cloth diapers. Medium bags are 12"x14" and can hold 3-5 one-size cloth diapers.

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